If one sees a bird called as ‘ratnapakshi’ or ‘bhardwaj’,it is considered as a good omen. (May be because it is a graceful and also not a very commonly seen bird!)

2. If a cat goes across in front, while going for some work, it is considered as a bad sign.(may be because cat belongs to the same family as lion, which is a dangerous species)

3. If crossed by a woman with pot of water, good omen.

4. If crossed by a (Brahmin) widow with shaved head, a bad omen.

5. If crossed by a barber with his instruments, a good omen

6. If crossed by a barber without his instruments, a bad omen..

7. If one sees a single bird called myna, a bad omen. to nullify the effect, one should see a green tree.

8. If one sees pair of myna birds, it is a good omen.

9. Sneezing on the entry point of main door (umbaratha or hosla), bad omen.

10. Cow entering the house, good.

11. If a flower falls from God’s idol or photo towards right side, a good omen.

12. If one sees a cow along with its calf, a good omen.

13. If one sees a mongoose or mangasuli, a good omen.

14. If lizard chirps, a bad omen.

15. If rain starts while leaving the house, good.

16. If lower left eye lid moves, good fo women, bad for men

17. If lower right eye lid moves, good fo men, bad for women.

18. If a dead body is being taken across, it is a good omen.

19. If a pregnant woman crosses someone’s legs, the child would be like that person.

20. The baby will resemble the person whose face is seen daily in the morning by its mother during her pregnancy.

21. Marrying a squint eyed woman is considered as a good thing.

(Because it is difficult to get a squint girl married?)

22. If one eats raw rice, there will be heavy rains during his/her marriage.

this must be to discourage children eating raw rice.

We all break coconut(s) after performing puja; and the way the coconut breaks has different meanings (thats what i was told many times since childhood).

1) When we break the coconut and it breaks neatly in 2 halves, meaning the puja is accepted and wishes/God will look after us (of something like that).
2) if we get a flower inside the coconut, it symbolizes that good is going to happen -wishes will be fulfille





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